Algeria National Wetlands Strategy 2015-2030

Algeria National Wetlands Strategy 2015-2030 Algeria now has 2,375 wetlands, including 50 Ramsar sites of international importance, composed of 2,056 natural wetlands and 319 of artificial wetlands according to the Directorate-General for Forestry (DGF). For better management and valorisation of these sites, the DGF has carried out numerous activities, including inventories and management plans, since the ratification of the Ramsar Convention by Algeria. The DGF has developed the National Wetlands […]


Morocco National Wetlands Strategy 2015-2024

The National Wetlands Strategy was prepared in response to Morocco’s international commitments under international conventions, such as the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).


Assessment of the French Ramsar sites network

The national survey launched in 2016 by the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea to the Ramsar site managers contributed to the establishment of the national Ramsar network. The synthesis is available here (French version only).


Land-cover in Ramsar Sites in Metropolitan France, 1975-2005

The stakeholders gathered in the framework of the thematic meeting “Biodiversity & Wetlands”, constituted in a National Wetland Observatory in France, collectively elaborate and publish numerical reports giving an update on a particular subject relating to wetlands. This brochure “High-profile Wetlands in France – Land-cover in Ramsar Sites in Metropolitatn France, 1975-2005”, released in May 2017, is a synthesis of the full report available only in French.


MedWet Framework for action

At its 12th Meeting (Paris, France, 7-11 February 2016) the Mediterranean Wetlands Committee adopted the Framework for Action 2016-2030 “Wetlands for Sustainable Development in the Mediterranean Region”.
This Framework for Action is designed as an early contribution to achieving some of the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals 2016–2030 (SDGs) through a series of concrete actions for the conservation of wetlands and the sustainable use of their resources in the Mediterranean region.


First thematic report- Biodiversity: status and trends of species in Mediterranean wetlands

“Biodiversity: status and trends of species in Mediterranean wetlands” is the first thematic report published by the Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory (MWO).

This issue is dedicated to biodiversity and provides in-depth knowledge on the conservation status of species dependent on wetlands in the Mediterranean basin, the threats, the consequences of their depletion on human well-being, and solutions to reverse the negative trends.