Water in Mediterranean wetlands: environmental flows for Mediterranean wetlands


This technical leaflet was produced by the Specialist Group on water (MedWet/STN/Water-SG). It is about the environmental flows for Mediterranean wetlands and highlights the important role of wetlands as key providers of water.

The Water Specialist Group is one of the five Specialist Groups that make up the MedWet/STN. It comprises 10 experts from 7 countries in complementary disciplines and practices, who advise on different aspects of water resources management in a wetland context. The first kind of knowledge the Water-SG is contributing to consolidating and summarizing is on Environmental Flows), namely the volumes, timing, and quality of surface and groundwater needed to sustain the different types wetlands in the Mediterranean.

The SG-Water (in conjunction with SG-Ecosystem Services) also reviews available examples of Mediterranean wetlands performing functions of natural infrastructure in the provision of water services such as storage, supply and purification.

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