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Established in 1991, the Mediterranean Wetlands Initiative brings together 27 Mediterranean and peri-Mediterranean countries that are Parties to the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971). Palestine and a number of organizations and wetland centres are also part of the MedWet Initiative.

The MedWet mission is to ensure and support the effective conservation of the functions and values of Mediterranean wetlands and the sustainable use of their resources and services.

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Training on Visitors Management in Valsaín (Segovia), Spain

Training on Visitors Management in Valsaín (Segovia), Spain

The training course on “Visitors Management in Protected Wetlands – Making them the allies of conservation” was held on 24-29 July 2017 at the National Centre of Environmental Education (CENEAM), located in Valsaín (Segovia), Spain.

The main objective of the course was to learn how to better understand, monitor and manage visitors’ use in protected areas and heritage sites, in particular wetlands, in order to maintain the quality of the resource while ensuring a satisfactory visitors experience

More information about the training here: https://medwet.org/training-visitors-management/

Watch the video made about the training:

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The MedWet cartoon

The MedWet cartoon

Created at the occasion of the Ramsar COP 12 in Uruguay, the cartoon is ready to be downloaded and shown in each country by any partner willing to show the services that Mediterranean wetlands are providing.

MedWet, with the help of the Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory, produced a three minutes cartoon depicting the priceless services that healthy wetlands can provide despite they are facing many challenges in the Mediterranean region.


Wetlands are one of the planet’s greatest and most misunderstood natural resources. Not simply a resource for fresh water, they function as the earth’s regulation system: like a buoy, wetlands protect the land and coasts from the impacts of extreme weather; like a fan, they keep the climate from fluctuating; and, like a sponge, they filter water and store it so that all forms of life can thrive. But today’s consumptive and resource-dependent lifestyles are threatening these priceless services. MedWet developed this cartoon in order to convey the importance of Mediterranean wetlands’ vital services.

To view and/or download the cartoon in English, click here

To view and/or download the cartoon in French, click here

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