Coastal wetlands and the climate crisis: Why the Mediterranean needs nature-based solutions

  The Mediterranean is getting hotter – and we need its coastal wetlands more than ever. This publication, produced in the framework of the Off Your Map campaign, explains why these ecosystems matter, particularly when it comes to climate change, and the groundbreaking work that MAVA M3 partners and the Off Your Map campaign, led by MedWet, are building to preserve and restore these vital ecosystems. Download the publication in:


Outsmart climate change: work with nature! Enhancing the Mediterranean’s climate resilience through Nature-based Solutions

While climate change is becoming more and more of a concrete reality, impacting people and places throughout the Mediterranean region, a broad range of Nature-based Solutions are available to enhance society’s resilience in this new, dynamic and highly challenging context. Nature-based Solutions to enhance climate resilience are pragmatic solutions building on the services and resources provided by ecosystems and biodiversity, which are more sustainable, robust and often more cost-efficient than […]