Ulcinj Salina (Montenegro): Protecting, restoring and con- serving a key wetland for nature and people

The Ulcinj Salina, in Montenegro, is one of the most important stopovers for migrating birds along the Adriatic Flyway and is also a major nesting, wintering and roosting spot. The salt works, set up in this manmade wetland in the 1920s, ensured a good life for local workers and birds alike. But, today, this treasure is under theat.

As part of its strategy for Mediterranean coastal wetlands, the MAVA Foundation is supporting the project on “Ulcinj Salina – Protecting, restoring and conserving a key wetland for nature and people’’ led by EuroNatur Foundation.

The overall goals of this project are to ensure the long term conservation of the UIcinj Salina through achieving full legal protection, the definition and implementation of a new management plan, as well as the provision of incentives for the creation of sustainable income options for the local population, incentives that are in line with the conservation goals for the salina.


This work was carried out by MedWet as part of the portfolio of Mediterranean wetland projects.

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