Technical reports of the Mediterranean Waterbird Network (MWN)

Since 2017, the Mediterranean Waterbird Network (MWN) has been exchanging with other Mediterranean countries, in addition to the five historical North African partners.   Discussions with these new countries (France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, but also Portugal, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia) have led to the development of a scientific poster to be presented at an international conference (EBBC, 2019), a scientific paper to be reviewed in a scientific journal […]

Wetlands restoration: unlocking the untapped potential of the Earth’s most valuable ecosystem

Inextricably linked to the ecological health of our planet and to the socio-economic well-being of all peoples across the globe, wetlands serve and sustain us in immeasurable ways. In fact, they are vital for our survival. Yet, the world has lost 87% of its wetlands since 1700 — and they continue to disappear at an alarming rate, even today. The Convention on Wetlands recognizes that the restoration of the Earth’s […]


Living Mediterranean Report, an unequivocal assessment of Mediterranean biodiversity

We are living in exciting, if somewhat discouraging, times for our planet. We face unprecedented global challenges that are a clear consequence of our actions, with temperatures rising and biodiversity collapsing. The Mediterranean basin, a region of the world where natural resources have ensured the prosperity of human societies for millennia, must also face these new challenges.   The Living Mediterranean Report sheds light on the fate of one of […]


A new toolkit for National Wetlands Inventories

Monitoring the extent and health of wetlands and their status overtime is critical to inform the needed actions by governments and other actors at all levels. The Convention on Wetlands has always recognized the importance of the national wetland inventories (NWI) as a key tool for informing national policies and other measures to achieve the conservation and wise use of wetlands. It is thus a priority in the Convention’s Strategic […]


Environmental water requirements of wetlands and their importance for river basin management in the Mediterranean, including the effects of climate change on natural water flow

We are happy to announce the publication of the Briefing note “Environmental water requirements of wetlands and their importance for river basin management in the Mediterranean, including the effects of climate change on natural water flow”, developed by the Specialist Group on Water (Water-SG) of the Scientific and Technical Network of MedWet (MedWet/STN). Wetlands are vital for human survival. As one of the world’s most productive environments, wetlands are indispensable […]


Coastal wetlands and the climate crisis: Why the Mediterranean needs nature-based solutions

  The Mediterranean is getting hotter – and we need its coastal wetlands more than ever. This publication, produced in the framework of the Off Your Map campaign, explains why these ecosystems matter, particularly when it comes to climate change, and the groundbreaking work that MAVA M3 partners and the Off Your Map campaign, led by MedWet, are building to preserve and restore these vital ecosystems. Download the publication in: