Gender Equality and the Sustainability of Wetlands

A new factsheet: Gender Equality and the Sustainability of Wetlands provides a concise summary of key operational and practical entry points to increase understanding and facilitate the mainstreaming of gender in the implementation of the Convention on Wetlands.     Derived from the Guidance on Mainstreaming Gender Under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands published in 2021, the Factsheet is for Contracting Parties and individuals with an interest in gender equality and how to increase […]


Report of World Wetlands Day 2023 in the Mediterranean Region

Since 2020, MedWet has been developing the World Wetlands Day campaign across the Mediterranean region, with the support of the French Biodiversity Agency (OFB). Learn more here.   The report of World Wetlands Day 2023 in the Mediterranean is now available, providing an overview of this year’s notable achievements. Here are some key figures that highlight the magnitude of this event: 684 organizing structures worked diligently to make this day […]

Restoring Mediterranean Wetlands: The new policymaker’s playbook for sustainable management and ecosystem restoration by 2030

This handbook has been prepared in the framework of the project “Strengthening the restoration of Mediterranean Wetlands for nature and people” funded by the MAVA Foundation. It has been coordinated by WWF Spain, MedWet and Tour du Valat in partnership with PIM Initiative and MEDSEA. The project is part of the Wetlands-Based Solutions initiative funded by the MAVA Foundation. Through better planning and understanding we can increase wetlands’ resilience and […]


Coastal wetlands: nature-based solutions for storing carbon

Healthy wetlands have a crucial role to play in the fight against global warming. They capture carbon, storing it first in their biomass and then in their sediments – and they do it at a rate 10-20 times greater than temperate or boreal forests. But when wetlands are destroyed, not only do they stop absorbing carbon, but they also release their stores back into the atmosphere, increasing greenhouse gases. How […]