Mediterranean wetland restoration: an urgent priority

Healthy, functioning wetlands ensure well-being for people in the Mediterranean by providing good-quality water, by mitigating the negative effects of extreme climatic events, by contributing to food production, and by preserving biodiversity. Restoring wetlands is an effective solution to ensure the supply of those essential ecosystem services for the Mediterranean Basin and it is the urgent and essential Nature-based solution to the region’s most pressing challenges such as the climate […]

Coastal wetlands and the climate crisis: Why the Mediterranean needs nature-based solutions

  The Mediterranean is getting hotter – and we need its coastal wetlands more than ever. This publication, produced in the framework of the Off Your Map campaign, explains why these ecosystems matter, particularly when it comes to climate change, and the groundbreaking work that MAVA M3 partners and the Off Your Map campaign, led by MedWet, are building to preserve and restore these vital ecosystems. Download the publication in:


The Governance of Coastal Wetlands in the Mediterranean: A Handbook

We are happy to announce that the publication “the Governance of Coastal Wetlands in the Mediterranean – a Handbook”, by B. Shipman and Ž. Rajković, has recently been published. Despite their benefits for nature and human beings, Mediterranean wetlands, especially those on the coasts, are among the most fragile and threatened ecosystems and are declining at an alarming rate. It is urgent therefore to promote actions to achieve the preservation […]