The MedWet exhibition “Our wetlands our people”


 The Mediterranean Wetlands Initiative (MedWet) makes its exhibition of thirty colourful posters on the theme “Our wetlands, our people” available to print.

Celebrating the beauty of Mediterranean wetlands and their people, the exhibition presents each of the 27 MedWet countries and entities on one artistic poster together with an explanative poster mentionning the positive relation between wetlands and people in English, and French.

At any occasion, the exhibition is ready to be downloaded and printed in each country by any partner willing to show the beautiful wetlands and positive links with local communities.

Watch the exhibition

0000100002Albania Poster_MedWet_for WebAlgeria Poster_MedWet_for WebBosnia Herzegovina Poster_MedWet_for Web
Bulgaria Poster_MedWet_for WebCroatia Poster_MedWet_for WebCyprus Poster_MedWet_for WebEgypt Poster_MedWet_for WebFrance Poster_MedWet_for Web
Greece Poster_MedWet_for WebIsrael Poster_MedWet_for WebItaly Poster_MedWet_for WebJordan Poster_MedWet_for WebLebanon Poster_MedWet_for Web
Lybia Poster_MedWet_for WebMalta Poster_MedWet_for WebMonaco Poster_MedWet_for WebMontenegro Poster_MedWet_for WebMorocco Poster_MedWet_for Web
Palestine Poster_MedWet_for WebPortugal Poster_MedWet_for WebSerbia Poster_MedWet_for WebSlovenia Poster_MedWet_for WebSpain Poster_MedWet_for Web
Syria Poster_MedWet_for WebThe FYR of Macedonia Poster_MedWet_for WebTunisia Poster_MedWet_for WebTurkey Poster_MedWet_for Web00004


For more information, contact MedWet at


Download the posters and print them!

To download the posters ( 2 per country: 1 artistic + 1 explanative; with 3 institutionals posters on the exhibition) in a printable version click on the countries posters list below:

The MedWet exhibitioninstitutional-1
MedWet Initiativeinstitutional-2
MedWet in all Mediterranean languagesinstitutional-3
Algeria algeria expl_algeria
Bosnia & Herzegovina bos_herz expl_bos_herz
Bulgaria bulgaria expl_bulgaria
Croatia croatia expl_croatia
Cyprus cyprus expl_cyprus
 Egypt egypt expl_egypt
 France franceexpl_france
 Greece greece expl_greece
 Israel israel expl_israel
 Italy italy expl_italy
Jordan jordan expl_jordan
Lebanon lebanon expl_lebanon
Libya libya expl_libya
Malta malta expl_malta
Monaco monaco expl_monaco
Montenegro montenegro expl_montenegro
Morocco morocco expl_morocco
Portugal portugal expl_portugal
Serbia serbia expl_serbia
Slovenia slovenia expl_slovenia
Spain spain expl_spain
Syrian Arab Republic syria expl_syria
The FYR of Macedonia macedonia expl_macedonia
The Palestinian Authority palestine expl_palestine
Tunisia tunisia expl_tunisia
Turkey turkey expl_turkey