Eco-grazing and vegetation restoration in Mediterranean wetlands

Eco-grazing is a powerful means of vegetation management, commonly used in wetlands. By controlling the growth of numerous species and limiting the establishment and colonization of other vegetation, grazing modifies plant hierarchies and can contribute to maintaining or increasing biodiversity. It is therefore a tool that is commonly used in reserves and sites where biodiversity depends on the maintenance of herbaceous environments. This new book, Eco-grazing and vegetation restoration in […]


Restoring Mediterranean Wetlands: The new policymaker’s playbook for sustainable management and ecosystem restoration by 2030

This handbook has been prepared in the framework of the project “Strengthening the restoration of Mediterranean Wetlands for nature and people” funded by the MAVA Foundation. It has been coordinated by WWF Spain, MedWet and Tour du Valat in partnership with PIM Initiative and MEDSEA. The project is part of the Wetlands-Based Solutions initiative funded by the MAVA Foundation. Through better planning and understanding we can increase wetlands’ resilience and […]


Technical reports of the Mediterranean Waterbird Network (MWN)

Since 2017, the Mediterranean Waterbird Network (MWN) has been exchanging with other Mediterranean countries, in addition to the five historical North African partners.   Discussions with these new countries (France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, but also Portugal, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia) have led to the development of a scientific poster to be presented at an international conference (EBBC, 2019), a scientific paper to be reviewed in a scientific journal […]

Nature-based solutions in the Camargue’s former saltworks

  In order to mitigate the consequences of climate change that are predicted to increase in the 21th century, Nature-Based Solutions appear more and more as an efficient answer on a long-term basis, economical for public finances, and positive for natural ecosystems. This leaflet introduces to this concept and presents the way it is implemented in the Lagoons and Marshes on the former Camargue Saltworks by the managers of the […]


Mediterranean Wetlands Outlook 2: Solutions for sustainable Mediterranean Wetlands – 2018

The Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory, functioning under the umbrella of Tour du Valat and the Mediterranean Wetlands Initiative MedWet, has just published the new report Mediterranean Wetlands Outlook 2: Solutions for sustainable Mediterranean wetlands (MWO2). The MWO2 updates the situation for Mediterranean wetlands since 2012, the year of publication of the MWO1, which was the first regional indicator-based assessment of the status of wetlands and the challenges that they face.   […]


First thematic report- Biodiversity: status and trends of species in Mediterranean wetlands

“Biodiversity: status and trends of species in Mediterranean wetlands” is the first thematic report published by the Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory (MWO).

This issue is dedicated to biodiversity and provides in-depth knowledge on the conservation status of species dependent on wetlands in the Mediterranean basin, the threats, the consequences of their depletion on human well-being, and solutions to reverse the negative trends.