1 – Characteristics of Mediterranean wetlands

Brief Description This is an introductory work offering concise information on key aspects of wetlands in an accessible manner.Variety in types of wetlands as well as variety in animals and plants that are associated to wetland ecosystems is one of the key points emerging from the book.From river deltas and coastal lagoons to less well known yet expansive inland salt lakes, also known as chotts, lacing the northern edge of […]


Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: Photointerpretation and Cartographic Conventions

G Zalidis, A Mantzavelas, E Fitoka Brief Description This volume presents a method to support mapping of wetlands. It presents an overview of the habitat description system and how to apply it, as well of photointerpretation conventions and drawing technique. It then looks at the process of transferring information to the base map, including the steps of defining borders of the mapped area, presentation of non wetland habitats and the […]


Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: Habitat Description System

J C Farinha, L T Costa, G Zalidis, A Mantzavelas, E Fitoka, N Hecker, P Tomàs Vives Brief Description This publication sets out a system for making detailed description of Mediterranean wetland habitats depending whether they possess certain characteristics linked to a set of criteria. This habitat description system can be used as a framework for a wide scale inventory of Mediterranean wetlands and is intended to describe ecological units […]


Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: Data Recording

Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: Data Recording N Hecker, L T Costa, J C Farinha, P Tomàs Vives Brief Description In order to provide wetland managers with information that provides insight into changes in the status of wetlands it is necessary to use standard methods for the collection and presentation of data. One of the first projects undertaken within MedWet aimed to define the set of data that describe any wetland area […]

Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: A Reference Manual

Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: A Reference Manual L T Costa, J C Farinha, N Hecker, P Tomàs Vives Brief Description Reliable knowledge is the basic resource on which all decisions concerning the conservation and wise use of Mediterranean wetlands should be made. Information about these wetlands is required for such essential actions as effective planning, management, training education and public awareness programmes. The gathering harmonisation and dissemination of information is therefore […]


Action for culture in Mediterranean Wetlands

“We must not forget that biodiversity is central to many of the world’s cultures, the source of legend
and myth, the inspiration for art and music”

The purpose of this publication is to encourage the incorporation of cultural values in the management of wetlands, in accordance with Ramsar Resolutions VIII.19 and IX.21, thus creating better conditions for their conservation and the sustainable use of their resources.
Papayannis, T. (2008), Action for Culture in Mediterranean Wetlands, Med-INA, Athens, Greece