5 – Wetlands and water resources

Brief Description The purpose of this booklet is to explore the growing demand for water in the Mediterranean and the increasing pressures on the natural hydrological environment.It looks for instance at how natural ecosystems preserve the hydrology of river systems, storing and recycling freshwater.It asks how far our expectations for both ample water supply and environmental protection can be reconciled; how far maximizing use of scarce water can be consistent […]


4 – Management of nest sites for colonial birds

Brief Description Worldwide wetland ecosystems have been greatly affected by human activities. The Mediterranean region is no exception.Even if all the remaining wetlands were now effectively protected it is unlikely that the decline of colonial waterbirds in these habitats would come to an automatic halt, or even reverse itself.Active management is needed for stabilizing these bird colonies, let alone for restoring their numbers.This booklet deals with the practical issues of […]


3 – Aquaculture in Lagoon and Marine Environments

Brief Description This booklet analyses the current status of aquaculture in the Mediterranean region. It presents the economic issues surrounding its development and examines the impacts of this relatively new activity on the ecologically sensitive coastal wetlands of the region. Aquaculture today is a rapidly diversifying sector both in terms of technology and with respect to the species cultivated. Furthermore although aquaculture produces fish with high added value catering for […]


2 – Functions and values of Mediterranean wetlands

Brief Description This booklet has a twin focus, on the one hand exploring the role of wetlands in nature’s cycle and on the other considering the importance of wetlands for man.A high number of examples provided to illustrate the key points in the book makes it overall a very accessible reading. One key point that emerges is that wetlands are part of wider hydrological systems and so the mechanisms of […]


1 – Characteristics of Mediterranean wetlands

Brief Description This is an introductory work offering concise information on key aspects of wetlands in an accessible manner.Variety in types of wetlands as well as variety in animals and plants that are associated to wetland ecosystems is one of the key points emerging from the book.From river deltas and coastal lagoons to less well known yet expansive inland salt lakes, also known as chotts, lacing the northern edge of […]


Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: Photointerpretation and Cartographic Conventions

G Zalidis, A Mantzavelas, E Fitoka Brief Description This volume presents a method to support mapping of wetlands. It presents an overview of the habitat description system and how to apply it, as well of photointerpretation conventions and drawing technique. It then looks at the process of transferring information to the base map, including the steps of defining borders of the mapped area, presentation of non wetland habitats and the […]