Climate change and Mediterranean wetlands

The role of wetlands in climate change adaptation is under appreciated This technical leaflet was produced by the Specialist Group on climate change (MedWet/STN/Climate-SG). It focuses on the role played by wetlands in fighting climate change, as well as the effects of climate change on these ecosystems. The Climate Change Specialist Group is one of the five Specialist Groups constituting the MedWet/ STN. It is made up of 9 experts from […]


MedWet, a community working for Mediterranean wetlands

  The Mediterranean Wetland Initiative (MedWet) is pleased to announce that its new institutional brochure is now available. The brochure, entitled “MedWet, a community working for Mediterranean wetlands”, is aimed at a diverse and extensive audience, including member countries, international organizations, NGOs and the general public. It explains the vision,role and objectives of MedWet and how it works. The brochure is available in English and French (See links below).   […]


Good practices handbook – Integrating urban development and wetland conservation

  The Handbook “Good practices handbook – Integrating urban development and wetland conservation” provides guidance to individuals, businesses, organizations or government involved in the design, planning, management and/or construction of urban wetlands. By showcasing examples from all over the world and sharing valuable experiences, it is hoped that the best practice principles, illustrated throughout the handbook, will be widely adopted. Whether it is a recognised wetland of international importance or a humble pond […]