List of members of the Mediterranean Wetlands Committee (February 2016)

List of members of the Steering Group (February 2016)

Contact list of members of the Mediterranean Wetlands Committee (June 2016)

MedWet/Com 12
Paris, France, 7-11 February 2016



You will find here all the documents that have been approved during the 12th Mediterranean Wetlands Committee Meeting (MedWet/Com 12) in Paris, France, 7-11 February 2016. For your information, you can also download the updated participants list here.

You can also visit the MedWetCom12 photo album here (in progress).



DocMWC12-0Updated list of participants
DocMWC12-1Provisional Agenda & Programme
DocMWC12-2Report of the MedWet Coordinator
DocMWC12-2-ADD1Finance Report 2015
DocMWC12-2-ADD2Country Contributions 2015
DocMWC12-3Review of the operations of the Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory (MWO) since MedWet/Com 11
DocMWC12-4Legal status
DECISIONDecision on the legal status
DocMWC12-5Framework for Action 2016-2030
DocMWC12-6MedWet Terms of Reference
DocMWC12-7Terms of Reference for the MedWet Scientific and Technical Network (MedWet STN)
DocMWC12-8(a)Work Plan 2016 – 2017 for MedWet
DocMWC12-8(a)-ADD1Budgets 2016 and 2017 for MedWet
DocMWC12-8(a)-ADD2Three Project Concepts
DocMWC12-8 (b)Work Plan 2016-2017 for the MWO
DocMWC12-8 (b) -ADD1Budgets 2016-2017 for the MWO
DocMWC12-9MedWet Communications Strategy
DocMWC12-10Composition of the Steering Group
DocMWC12 – INFO 1Field Visit Programme
Doc MWC12 – INFO 2Side events


MedWet/Com 11
Bucharest, Romania, 5th July 2012

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MedWet/Com 10
Bastia, France, 31st May – Thursday 4th June 2010

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List of Participants

Meeting report and conclusions / Rapport de la réunion et conclusions


CodeTitle in EnglishTitle in French
Doc MWC10.1Meeting Agenda and Provisional ArrangementsDispositions et Ordre du Jour Provisoire
Doc MWC10.2From Changwon to Bastia:
report on MedWet activities
De Changwon à Bastia :
Rapport sur les activités de MedWet
Doc MWC10.3MedWet Secretariat financial reportRapport financier de secrétariat de MedWet
Doc MWC10.4The future of the MedWet InitiativeAvenir de l’Initiative MedWet
Doc MWC10.5Building the MedWet Culture NetworkConstruire le Réseau MedWet Culture
Doc MWC10.6Progress Report on the Observatory of Mediterranean wetlandsRapport sur l’ Observatoire des Zones Humides Méditerranéennes
Doc MWC10.7Involvement of young students in MedWetImplication des jeunes élèves dans MedWet
Doc MWC10.8The organization of Grado +20Organisation de Grado +20


CodeTitle in EnglishTitle in French
Info MWC10.0Wetlands in CorsicaLes Zones Humides de Corse
Info MWC10.1Wetlands in the French Mediterranean coastLes zones humides du littoral français méditerranéen
Info MWC10.2Lessons learned through the Water DialoguesLeçons apprises des Dialogues sur l’Eau
Info MWC10.3Wetlands International Project: “Engaging civil society in water & wetlands management in Southern/Eastern Mediterranean region”Projet Wetlands International;
“Engager la société civile dans la gestion intégrée de l’eau en région Sud et Est de la Méditerranée’
Info MWC10.4Presentation of GlobWetlands II projectPrésentation du projet de GlobWetlands II
Info MWC10.5Preliminary Mediterranean wetlands: monitoring needs assessmentEvaluation préliminaire des besoins en suivi et évaluation des zones humides méditerranéennes
Info MWC10.5 ANNEXANNEXES: Table of ResultsANNEXES: Table des résultats
Info MWC10.6Principles and challenges of transboundary cooperation : the case of the Prespa Transboundary Park projectPrincipes et défis de la coopération transfrontalière : le cas du projet Transfrontalier de Prespa
Info MWC10.7Project of International Marine Park of BonifacioProjet de Parc Marin International de Bonifacio
Info MWC10.8RETRAPARCS : an example of transboundary coopérationRETRAPARCS : un exemple de coopération transfrontalier

MedWet/Com 9
Changwon, Republic of Korea, 28 October 2008

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MedWet/Com 8
Rome, Italy 26-28 June 2007

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MedWet/Com 7
Kampala, Uganda, 8 November 2005

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Report of the Meeting
Invitation (English, French)
Registration form (English, French)
Agenda (English, French)
Meeting Documents:
MedWet Report (English, French)
MedWet Terms of Reference (English, French)
Priorites 2006-2008 (English, French)

Extraordinary MedWet/Com
Tirana, Albania, 11-12 June 2006

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Report of the Meeting
(English, French)
Letter from the Ramsar Secretary General (English, French)
Invitation (English, French)
Agenda (English, French)

Working Documents
MedWet Terms of Reference
(English, French)
MedWet Terms of Reference Annex1- MedWetCom Rules (English, French)
Legal status of the MedWet Coordination Unit (English, French)
Budget (English, French)
Note by the Ramsar Secretary General on the principles underlying MedWet and its Terms of Reference (English, French)

MedWet/Com 6
Tipaza, Algeria, 12-14 December 2004

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MedWet/Com 5
Izmir, Turkey 12-15 June 2003

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MedWet/Com 4
Sesimbra, Portugal,21-23 May 2001

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MedWet/Com 3
Djerba, Tunisia, 1-5 April 2000

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MedWet/ Com 2
Valencia, Spain, 31 January – 3 February 1999

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Conclusion in English and French
Resolution in English and French
Participants List in English
Provisional Agenda in English
Minutes in English and French
MedWet Action Plan in English and French

MedWet/Com 1
Thessaloniki, Greece, 15-17 March 1998

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Conclusions: English,  French
Participants list: English , French
Minutes: English,  French
Workshop: English,  French
Technical Document: English