OFF YOUR MAP: Raising awareness on coastal wetlands

Despite their environmental and economic importance, Mediterranean coastal wetlands remain among the most misunderstood natural resources. Unfortunately, insufficient awareness about the fragile conditions of these ecosystems and the impacts of climate change are at the roots of many threats affecting them.

As part of the MAVA Foundation strategy on coastal wetlands in the Mediterranean region, MedWet, with eleven international partners, have started a new project aimed at launching a comprehensive Communication Campaign about raising awareness of the value of coastal wetlands, and influencing key regional and national policy processes about the need to preserve and restore coastal wetlands in the Mediterranean.
The campaign is aimed at improving knowledge about the functions and values of the important Mediterranean wetland types as well as the benefits of an integrated land/sea interface management, backed up by the work delivered across selected pilot sites.


This work was carried out by MedWet as part of the portfolio of Mediterranean wetland projects. Download the brochure: