This game was designed to be played on the Greek island of Aegina by a group of local students and a group of French students from Corsica. The aim was to raise awareness on the values and functions of small, coastal wetland ecosystems which are often threatened and degraded and their importance is unknown and ignored even by local communities.

This activity took place in the space of two days during which the students visited three small, coastal wetlands and had the opportunity to listen to and discuss with various stakeholders like a geologist, an ichthyologist, a local resident, a birdwatcher, a forester and a local NGO worker. During the visits the students had to take notes of what they heard and what they saw in specially designed worksheets.

The activity was concluded with a three hour workshop where the students were divided into three groups, the “primary sector”, the “services sector” and the “civil society”. After working in teams and answering the questions designated to them they presented their conclusion to all the students and finally they presented their most important conclusions to a member of the Local Authority. An article, as well as a video describing the activity are available.

This game can be used as it is or it can be adapted to other types of wetlands, include more or less field visits and presentations from stakeholders. Material like the general and site specific worksheet can be used for other purposes like simple field visits not accompanied by the workshop and vice versa.

The downloadable material contains
For the field visits:
A general worksheet to be filled in by students- common for all small wetlands visited.
A site- specific worksheet to be filled in separately for each wetland.
For the workshop:
Workshop process to be followed
Three worksheets for the different groups (primary sector, services and civil society)
Note to the facilitators of each group (primary sector, services and civil society)

Le site français est en cours de développement mais les materiaux pour l’activité peut être téléchargé ici:

Pour les visites de terrain:
Fiche général de travail– à remplir par les élèves, commun pour tous les zones humides visités.
Feuille site– à remplir par les élèves séparément pour chaque zone humide visités.
Pour l’atelier:
Agenda de l’atelier – processus à suivre
Trois feuilles de travail pour les différents groupes (secteur primairesecteur services et la société civile)
Note pour les facilitateurs de chaque groupe (secteur primairesecteur services et la société civile)

Some pictures….

Visiting the first wetland....

Watch the video of the activity….

Read the article describing the activity…