Wetlands of International Importance for the protection of marine turtles: expert report

France has published an expert report on Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar Sites) and the preservation of marine turtles in support of the implementation of Resolution XIII.24.

The 13th Conference of the Parties to the Ramsar Convention, held in Dubai in October 2018, adopted Resolution XIII.24 on The enhanced conservation of coastal marine turtle habitats and the designation of key areas as Ramsar Sites. The Resolution aims to draw the attention of States to the need to conserve the coastal and marine habitats of marine turtles, to establish Ramsar Sites to that end, and implement suitable management plans in existing Sites.



Two French biologists, Jacques Fretey and Patrick Triplet, have analysed all these Sites and have made a region-by-region inventory of the habitats which might be designated as Ramsar Sites with a view to developing a network covering the life cycle of marine turtles across their areas of distribution.

Interview with Jacques Fretey and Patrick Triplet: English  | French

Download the report: