The ecosystem services of Mediterranean wetlands: The benefits provided by wetlands to people are under pressure


This technical leaflet was produced by the Specialist Group on ecosystems services (MedWet/STN/Ecosystem services-SG). It highlights the different precious benefits that wetlands provide to nature and humans. These benefits are also essential in advancing towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Ecosystem Services Specialist Group is one of the five Specialist Groups that makes up the MedWet/STN. It comprises experts who have in-depth knowledge and experience on wetlands and eco-system services topics. The Ecosystem Services-SG works on syntheses of knowledge about Mediterranean wetland-related ecosystem services. Its aim is to increase awareness of the importance of these services with decision makers, the wider society, NGOs and site managers.

The group works towards identifying management recommendations to sustain the services provided by wetlands in the long term. For this, the Ecosystem Services-SG works closely with other SGs, especially the Water-SG.



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