Regional Action for Wetlands (2002)

Papayannis Thymio

Brief Description

This book presents an overview of the development of the MedWet, through the eyes of one of the leading figures of this international initiative for the protection of Mediterranean wetlands. The aim of the book is to document and draw on the experience of the first eleven years of MedWet as a guidance to future efforts for its development.It presents  a description of the circumstance and needs that led to the formal establishment of MedWet, both in terms of the institutional environment as well as the environmental context. It also documents the first activities of MedWet as an initiative founded to promote science based management of Mediterranean wetlands through permanent co-operation of their managers.It then provides a critical assessment of the challenges facing MedWet as an innovative partnership bringing together NGOs, countries, scientific bodies and Intergovernmental organisations.Finally it presents insights offered by Thymio Papayannis as well as Spyros Kouvelis, the Coordinator of MedWet, as to perspectives for the future development of MedWet.

Reference: Papayannis, Th (2002) Regional action for wetlands: The Mediterranean experience 1991-2002, MedWet / Tour du Valat, Le Sambuc, Arles, France, 100pp

Languages: English, French, Spanish

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