The Governance of Coastal Wetlands in the Mediterranean: A Handbook

We are happy to announce that the publication “the Governance of Coastal Wetlands in the Mediterranean – a Handbook”, by B. Shipman and Ž. Rajković, has recently been published. Despite their benefits for nature and human beings, Mediterranean wetlands, especially those on the coasts, are among the most fragile and threatened ecosystems and are declining at an alarming rate. It is urgent therefore to promote actions to achieve the preservation […]


Outsmart climate change: work with nature! Enhancing the Mediterranean’s climate resilience through Nature-based Solutions

While climate change is becoming more and more of a concrete reality, impacting people and places throughout the Mediterranean region, a broad range of Nature-based Solutions are available to enhance society’s resilience in this new, dynamic and highly challenging context. Nature-based Solutions to enhance climate resilience are pragmatic solutions building on the services and resources provided by ecosystems and biodiversity, which are more sustainable, robust and often more cost-efficient than […]


Satellite-based Wetland Observation Service (SWOS)

  In spite of being hotspots of biodiversity and providing precious ecosystem services, wetlands are one of the fastest declining ecosystems worldwide. Information on their locations, their delineations, their ecological character and their services is often sparse and difficult to find or access. The result is a limited coverage of wetlands in policies and management practices. SWOS is a Horizon-2020 project funded by the European Commission. Its main objective is […]


WAMAN SEBOU: Managing Water Resources in Morocco (the Sebou river basin)

  During the last ten years, a solid partnership has been built between the main management bodies in the Sebou river basin (Morocco) and several international organisations for nature and wetland conservation. This has greatly improved awareness of the need for improving water management practices, by implementing the notion of a river minimum flow as a key approach. The WAMAN (WAter MANagement) Sebou project is intended to build on the […]


Wetlands Sentinels in the Maghreb: the MedWet Network of Civil Society

  North Africa is home to many important sites ranked on the list of Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar Sites) such as estuaries, chotts, coastal swamps, mountain lakes, and oases. Unfortunately, these wetlands of high ecological value are threatened because of human activities. The overall objective was to contribute to promoting the conservation and sustainable participatory management of selected priority wetlands in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia through the development and […]


Partnership for integrated management of water resources for nature and people in the Mediterranean

In spite of providing important ecosystem services for free, especially those related to water, Mediterranean wetlands suffer from human activities that lead to theoverexploitationofthisnatural resource, such as water abstraction, unsustainable agriculture, hydropower, and water storage facilities. To tackle the problem of unsustainable water use and management, seven international organizations have started a partnership in the Mediterranean Basin for achieving change on the ground and to build capacity in the region. This […]