Mediterranean wetlands socioeconomic aspects

Directed by Benessaiah N

Brief Description

What are the economic services and benefits that wetlands provide? The authors of this volume consider demographic, economic, biodiversity and development aspects of Mediterranean wetlands. Locations presented ater the Kune-Vain lagoons in Albania, Béni Belaid in Algeria, Delta of the Neretva River in Croatia, Merja Zerga in Morocco and Sebkha el Kelbia in Tunisia. Authors implement a series of theoretical tools on wetlands economic evaluation while also presenting readers with insights into their limitations such as lack of data.

Concluding with practical recommendations on integrating socio-economic evaluation into sustainable management of wetland resources, they explore governance and institutional issues that face decision makers and stakeholders in the development and use of wetland resources. This book containing the results of a collaborative effort directed by Najib Benessaiah, conducted under the MedWet 2 project was financed by the European Commission. Accessibly written and packed with empirical evidence it provides a valuable reference work for socio-economic evaluation of wetlands in the Mediterranean.

Reference: Nejib Benessaiah, Mediterranean wetlands socioeconomic aspects, 1998

Languages: English, French, Arabic