Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: Data Recording

Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: Data Recording
N Hecker, L T Costa, J C Farinha, P Tomàs Vives

Brief Description

In order to provide wetland managers with information that provides insight into changes in the status of wetlands it is necessary to use standard methods for the collection and presentation of data. One of the first projects undertaken within MedWet aimed to define the set of data that describe any wetland area in a complete manner. A set of data sheets together with guidelines on how to fill them in are contained in this publication capturing results of this project. The MedWet datasheets have been designed to incorporate three main principles, compatibility, uniformity and flexibility. They contain information fields required by existing international programes including the Ramsar Convention and the Natura 2000 network relevant to European Union conservation efforts. The presentation of data in a uniform manner allows comparisons and analysis from different countries or regions within a country. Flexibility in use of the datasheets by adapting them to the availability of data and needs within regions would allow users to apply this tool across a range of conditions to record the status of wetlands in the Mediterranean.

Reference: N Hecker, L T Costa, J C Farinha, P Tomàs Vives (1996) Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: Data Recording. MedWet / Instituto da Conservação da Natureza / Wetlands International publication. Volume II

ISBN 972-8083 -73 -4
Languages: English,  French

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