Mediterranean Temporary Pools

Temporary pools are without doubt some of the most remarkable yet most threatened habitats in the Mediterranean region. They comprise an ensemble of highly complex biotopes linked to the major characteristics of the Mediterranean climate: the alternation, during the course of a year, of one of more flooded phases during the cooler seasons with a dry phase, essentially in the summer.

Mediterranean temporary pools & marshes host a very rich flora and fauna (especially invertebrates and amphibians), with many species being adapted to annual dry-up and to huge inter-annual hydrological fluctuations. Drying-up plays a key role in the way these ecosystems function, and it is virtually compulsory.
From 2001 to 2005, Tour du Valat carried out an integrated research and conservation programme on temporary pools, targeting rare species (especially amphibious plants) and the impact of socio-economic factors. A second major component dealt with the management and conservation of selected sites.

Through scientific research as well as more applied works, the project aimed at :

  • improving knowledge on key issues for the conservation of temporary pools, on population genetics and dynamics (plants, amphibians), and on inter-annual vegetation dynamics
  • experimental management of various sites, together with scientific monitoring : shrub removal, control through grazing/ cutting, pool restoration…
  • a reinforced protection on the field of many pools.

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Download the booklets here

Volume 1 – Issues relating to conservation, functioning and management

Grillas P., P; Gauthier, N. Yavercovski & C. Perennou

Volume 2 – Species information sheets

Grillas P., P; Gauthier, N. Yavercovski & C. Perennou