MedIsWet: The Mediterranean Island Wetlands Network

Wetlands on the Mediterranean islands are of unique importance for flora and fauna species and also provide precious services to human beings. Raising awareness about their values through the implementation of effective actions such as inventories and policy activities is needed to help protect them.

Coordinated by WWF Greece, the MedIsWet project efficiently promotes and contributes to the full implementation of Ramsar Resolution XII.14 on “Conservation of Mediterranean Basin island wetlands” and to the achievement of the Ramsar Convention’s and MedWet’s objectives.

MedIsWet aspires to establish a network of partnerships and collaborations with governmental authorities, NGOs, research institutions, local communities, Ramsar, and MedWet and intents to communicate the great importance of these small, numerous and dispersed island wetlands.


This work was carried out by MedWet as part of the portfolio of Mediterranean wetland projects.

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