Manual para recolha de dados sobre Zonas Húmidas Base de dados MW/SUDOE (2004)

Brief Description

This publication serves as a manual to the latest tool for inventorying wetlands developed by MedWet. Known as the MedWet/SUDOE database, this information product is the culmination of a five year project aimed at improving tools for inventorying wetlands, a longstanding priority in the work of MedWet. Information in the database and manual are organized around three levels relating to the hydrological basin, to wetland site as well as to habitats within individual sites. The inventorying tool is designed to meet requirements of international Conventions and programmes relating to wetland conservation, including of the Ramsar Convention.

Farinha J C, et al

Reference: Farinha J C, et al (2004) Manual para recolha de dados sobre Zonas Húmidas. Base de dados MW/SUDOE, Instituto da Conservação da Natureza / Centro de Zonas Húmidas

ISBN 972-775-144-x
Languages: English, Portuguese