4 – Management of nest sites for colonial birds

Brief Description

Worldwide wetland ecosystems have been greatly affected by human activities. The Mediterranean region is no exception.Even if all the remaining wetlands were now effectively protected it is unlikely that the decline of colonial waterbirds in these habitats would come to an automatic halt, or even reverse itself.Active management is needed for stabilizing these bird colonies, let alone for restoring their numbers.This booklet deals with the practical issues of how we can help the re-establishment of colonies of  waterbirds.

Reference: Perennou C, Sadoul N, Pineau O, Johnson A, Hafner H (1996) Management of nest sites for colonial waterbirds A J Crivelli, J Jalbert (eds) Conservation of Mediterranean wetlands n°4,  Station Biologique de la Tour du Valat, Arles (France)

ISBN: 2-910368-07-6
Languages: English, French