Governance and stakeholder participation articipation in the management of Mediterranean coastal wetlands

Despite their importance to people and nature, coastal wetlands remain threatened by tourism, urbanisation, industrial development and climate change, etc. It is urgent to promote actions to achieve the preservation of these ecosystems through the mechanisms of good, effective and equitable governance.

The project “Governance and stakeholder participation in coastal wetlands’ management” aims to create an enabling environment for reducing threats to coastal wetlands and ensuring sustainable coastal development. In order to achieve this goal by 2022, the project should identify the main critical governance issues in the demonstration sites, producing guidance on how to proceed and supporting implementation of specific recommendations.

The project is funded by the MAVA Foundation and led by the Priority Actions Programme/ Regional Activity Centre (PAP/RAC) of UN Environment/Mediterranean Action Plan.



This work was carried out by MedWet as part of the portfolio of Mediterranean wetland projects.

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