Potentialities for a Blue Economy – FishMPABlue

The Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are beneficial for local fisheries. However, their creation is often subject to strong opposition from local fishermen, who perceive MPAs as limiting their activities and incomes.

The FishMPABlue project analyzed the existing experiences of relationships between Small Scale Fisheries (SSF) and Marine Protected Areas of five Mediterranean countries in order to develop an innovative management system that assures the conservation of the environment and, at the same time, the sustainable development of local fishermen’s livelihoods.

The project focused on analyzing the different approaches to the co- existence of SSF in MPAs developed to date, designing a new approach for supporting the co-development of artisanal fisheries within MPAs and with an integrated maritime approach.



This work was carried out by MedWet as part of the portfolio of Mediterranean wetland projects.

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