7 – Conservation of freshwater fish

Brief Description

In much of the Mediterranean area, where the climate is hot and dry, freshwater is in short supply and fish and humans are in competition for this scarce resource. Improved standards of living in most countries and a rise in human population have combined to make increasing demands on freshwater resources and have resulted in conflicting interests in available water.Because of such demands, fish in southern Europe where water in short are more threatened than those in the north, where water is plentiful. In the struggle for fresh water fish habitats and fish species themselves are losing out and increased conservation action is essential.This booklet documents the great diversity of freshwater fish found in the Mediterranean region. It also aims to improve the understanding of the economic and ecological roles of fish populations and the part they play as bio-indicators.In addition to analyses the main threats to fish in the region as well as the main methods used for fish conservation. Its lavish illustration makes it very accessible a wide  readership.

Reference: Maitland P S, Crivelli A J (1996) Conservation of freshwater fish A J Crivelli, J Jalbert (eds) Conservation of Mediterranean wetlands n°7, Station Biologique de la Tour du Valat, Arles (France)

ISBN: 2-910368-12-2
Languages: English, French