1 – Characteristics of Mediterranean wetlands

Brief Description

This is an introductory work offering concise information on key aspects of wetlands in an accessible manner.Variety in types of wetlands as well as variety in animals and plants that are associated to wetland ecosystems is one of the key points emerging from the book.From river deltas and coastal lagoons to less well known yet expansive inland salt lakes, also known as chotts, lacing the northern edge of Sahara, the booklet offers a glimpse onto the panorama of the types of Mediterranean wetlands.It also maps the most important wetlands for birds across each of the two main fly-ways of migratory birds over the Western and Eastern parts of the basin as well as for North Africa. The last section provides an outlook of the major causes behind degradation of wetlands in the Mediterranean  today.

Reference: Pearce F, Crivelli A J (1994) Characteristics of Mediterranean wetlands A J Crivelli, J Jalbert (eds) Conservation of Mediterranean wetlands n°1,  Station Biologique de la Tour du Valat, Arles (France)

ISBN: 2-910368-01-7
Languages: English, French