11 – Amphibians and reptiles

Brief Description

This publication highlights the relationship between the status of reptiles and amphibians, the ecosystem to which they belong, and the biophysical and socio-economic factors threatening their survival. In addition, this publication provides access to scientific understanding of the functions, problems and management practices proposed for the conservation of amphibians and reptiles. The first chapter is intended for anyone wishing to know more about these animals, to understand some of their many mythological representations, their origin and the complexity of their classification. The second chapter presents different species of amphibians and reptiles of Mediterranean wetlands and their habitats. The third chapter, enriched by knowledge of biology and population dynamics, and the ecology of communities, addresses the important notion of adaptation of species to their environment. The fourth aims to clarify the natural and anthropogenic causes of the disappearance of amphibians and reptiles. The last chapter as well as five fact sheets want to be practical tools for those who will have to deal with amphibians and reptiles.

Reference: A Morand (2001) Amphibiens et reptiles Ecologie et gestion, J SKinner, A J Crivelli (eds), Conservation des zones humides mediterraneennes – no 11, Tour du Valat, Arles (France)

ISBN 2-910368-42-4
Languages: English, French