Celebrated on 2 February each year, World Wetlands Day (WWD) represents a key moment to raise awareness among the general public and stakeholders around the world, including in the Mediterranean, of the importance of preserving and restoring wetlands.


In this regard, the French Biodiversity Agency (OFB) decided to support the dynamics of WWD at the Mediterranean scale relying on the Mediterranean Wetlands Initiative (MedWet), a platform for dialogue among Ministries in the 27 MedWet countries, the Ramsar Site managers, and the national and local NGOs.



The project aims to accompany governmental and non-governmental actors in the Mediterranean region in developing and highlighting the activities organized to celebrate WWD through national programmes in the official languages of the respective countries.


World Wetlands Day celebration in Croatia, 2020. Photo: © Public Institution “Nature Park Vransko jezero”


Elements of success

  1. MedWet, a community of actors committed to wetland conservation.
  2. An updated database of Mediterranean Ramsar Site managers and local NGOs working in the field, which enables the project to be relayed, and the creation of a territorial network.
  3. Effective tools for communication and activity mapping in the languages of the Mediterranean countries.
  4. One call for projects to financially support the local activities.



  1. Creation of information and communication materials and census tools for the countries of the Mediterranean rim.
  2. CEPA training for French-speaking governmental and non-governmental actors of the WWD.
  3. Financial support through “WWD Small Grants”.
  4. Analysis of WWD figures in the Mediterranean.



With WSO co-financing a project in Greece as part of the “WWD Small Grants” action.


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