> Implementing a broad scale inventory as a contribution to the Pan-Mediterranean Wetland Inventory

This section assists the user in recording the relevant information for a broad scale inventory as a contribution to the compilation of data from Mediterranean countries.

An inventory method specific for wetlands was first developed during the MedWet 1 project (1993-1996) and tested with positive results in a number of countries and more locally, at certain sites. These first MedWet Inventory tools were published in 1996 in five volumes of guidance, data entry forms, the habitat description system and an electronic database.

Over the last decade increased effort has been made to promote the MedWet inventory method and tools and carry out inventory activities through big or small projects led by MedWet partners including MedWet 2, MedWetCoast, Albanian Wetland Inventory, MedWet/Regions, MedWet/SUDOE, MedWet/ CODDE. Particularly over the last decade, some ten countries (Portugal, Greece, Albania, Slovenia, FYROM, Morocco, Croatia, Serbia, some regions of Italy, Spain and France) have applied the MedWet inventory method and used the successive versions of the MedWet Database (MWD) for storing their national data on wetlands.

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