5 – L’enjeu de l’eau

Brief Description

The purpose of this booklet is to explore the growing demand for water in the Mediterranean and the increasing pressures on the natural hydrological environment.It looks for instance at how natural ecosystems preserve the hydrology of river systems, storing and recycling freshwater.It asks how far our expectations for both ample water supply and environmental protection can be reconciled; how far maximizing use of scarce water can be consistent with maintaining prime wetlands; and, where the two are incompatible, how to arbitrate between conflicting  objectives.

Reference: Pearce F (1996) Wetlands and water resources A J Crivelli, J Jalbert (eds) Conservation of Mediterranean wetlands n°5,  Station Biologique de la Tour du Valat, Arles (France)

ISBN: 2-910368-08-4
Languages: English, French