3 – L’Aquaculture en milieu lagunaires et marin côtier

Brief Description

This booklet analyses the current status of aquaculture in the Mediterranean region. It presents the economic issues surrounding its development and examines the impacts of this relatively new activity on the ecologically sensitive coastal wetlands of the region. Aquaculture today is a rapidly diversifying sector both in terms of technology and with respect to the species cultivated. Furthermore although aquaculture produces fish with high added value catering for markets of countries with strong purchasing power, it does not necessarily meet developing countries’ needs for self sufficiency in food production.Within this web of contradictory socio-economic aspects of the aquaculture trade, the future of the sector is far from  clear.

Reference: Rosecchi E, Charpentier B (1995) Aquaculture in lagoon and marine environments, A J Crivelli, J Jalbert (eds) Conservation of Mediterranean wetlands n°3,  Station Biologique de la Tour du Valat, Arles (France)

ISBN: 2-910368-04-1
Languages: English, French