Projects by Axis

(English) Axis 1.

(English) Improving the knowledge on Mediterranean wetland functions, services and values, as well as on their status and trends

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(English) Axis 2.

(English) Promoting, developing and implementing wetland policies and inter-sectoral action plans

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(English) Axis 3.

(English) Ensuring the sustainable integrated management of wetlands

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(English) Axis 4.

(English) Moderating the impact of climate change

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Projects by alphabetic order

ProjectStatusWhereWhatMedWet Vision
(English) Algeria Wetland Strategyplanning phaseAlgeriaWetlands policyWetland policies
(English) Dinaric Arc Parks projectongoingAlbania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the FYR of Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, SloveniaCreation of protected areas networkIntegrated management
(English) Dinaric Arc Sustainable Hydropower Initiative – DASHIongoingWestern BalkansSustainable use of water (hydropower)Integrated management
(English) Effects of climate change on wetland ecosystems of Attica Region of Greecein formulationGreeceCoordinated climate adaptation actionsClimate change
(English) GlobWetlandIIongoingNon EU Mediterranean countriesmonitoring wetlandsImproving knowledge
(English) Hotspot and Key Biodiversity Areas in The Mediterranean (Critical Ecosystems Partnership Funds)ongoingAll non EU Mediterranean countriesSafeguarding globally threatened species and critical sites in the MediterraneanIntegrated management
(English) LIFE+ Project “MC-SALT” (Environmental Management and Conservation in Mediterranean Salt Works and Coastal Lagoons)ongoingItaly, France, BulgariaRestoration of coastal wetlandsIntegrated management
(English) Mediterranean Wetlands ObservatoryongoingAll mediterranean countriesMonitoring wetlandsImproving knowledge
(English) Moroccan Wetland StrategyongoingMoroccoWetlands policyWetland policies
(English) National Wetland Strategiesongoing
(English) NEREUS project (Towards a Representative Network of Mediterranean Marine Managed Areas)ongoingAll non EU Mediterranean countriesMarine protected areas and coastal wetlandsIntegrated management
(English) Pan-European High Resolution Layers (HRL) for Water, Wetlands and GrasslandsongoingPan EuropeanLand monitoring serviceImproving knowledge
(English) PEGASO project (People for Ecosystem Based Governance in Assessing Sustainable Development of Ocean and Coast)ongoingItaly, France, BulgariaRestoration of coastal wetlandsWetland policies
(English) Prespa Park Transboundary InitiativeongoingAlbania, FYR of Macedonia, GreeceTransboundary managementWetland policies
(English) RhoMeo ProjectongoingRhone-Méditerranée catchment, FranceWetlands monitoringImproving knowledge
(English) Sustainable management of Mediterranean coastal wetlands and lagoonsin formulationAll Mediterranean countriesConservation of coastal biodiversityIntegrated management
(English) The MedWet Civil Society Networkin formulationBosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Algeria, Morocco, TunisiaCapacity building of CS on wetlands monitoring and preservationIntegrated management
(English) Valuation of wetlands cultural services in the MediterraneanongoingAll Mediterranean countriesAssessing the status and trends of recreational and educational roles of wetlandsImproving knowledge
(English) Wetland management and ecosystem services deliveryongoingFrance, IsraelEcosystem services and managementIntegrated management
(English) WIMED – Wetlands as natural infrastructurein formulationAll Mediterranean countriesWater governance, partnership building, capacity building of CSWetland policies