The MedWet Series of manuals on Inventory, assessment and monitoring of Mediterranean wetlands have been developed to support the use of the new MedWet system for gathering, storing and analysing data on Mediterranean wetlands.

The present MedWet system represents the latest stage in the program of MedWet for inventorying activity which is improved in its operation and enhanced to include socioeconomic and cultural aspects of wetlands, the Water Framework Directive requirements, inventory based indicators, the Pan-Mediterranean Wetland Inventory and Earth Observation techniques.

A suite of eight manuals has been developed to guide users through the upgraded MedWet system for inventorying, incorporating the following works:

The set of manuals provide a powerful tool for training, education that are necessary for the effective application of the MedWet system for inventorying, monitoring and assessment of wetlands. Each manual can be used in two ways: as a stand-alone reference for its particular theme or subject; or as an integral part of a series of works which guide the reader through the entire process from the reviewing to joining, using and getting the best out of the system.

More details on the new MedWet series can be found in the Foreword.