Do you want to make a difference in wetland conservation?

Join MedWet’s Ambassadors, a group of internationally prominent and influential senior personalities committed to championing wetlands, advocating for their protection and informing on the critical environmental issues in the Mediterranean region. They have been carefully selected as MedWet Ambassadors to represent the MedWet Initiative in international events and, to use their significant profile and expertise to amplify MedWet’s messages and to reinforce its mission to ensure and support the effective conservation of Mediterranean wetlands and the wise use of their resources, values and services.


The definition of Ambassador

First and foremost, a MedWet Ambassador is someone who firmly believes in our mission and cares about our activities.

He/she can be someone with a high level of environmental expertise and who is active in wetland-related fields such as biodiversity, climate change, water, ecosystem services, etc.  He/she may also be an opinion leader, a well known, influential and listened-to personality who is capable of influencing the opinions or actions of his/her community.


MedWet Ambassadors’ mission

The MedWet Ambassadors use their reputation and influence to draw attention to wetland issues that deserve to be known by all, including decision-makers, members of Parliaments, civil society and the private sector.

They therefore intervene with us, carry our messages, and support our campaigns at international events and debates and in formal and informal meetings, to improve the situation of vulnerable Mediterranean wetlands and to make their challenges better understood.

They advocate across all sectors at national, regional and local level, in order to convince stakeholders to boost ambition, to raise the ceiling of Climate Action, and to take concrete actions for the conservation of wetlands and the sustainable use of their resources.

It should be noted that all of our Ambassadors work on a voluntary basis, without remuneration from MedWet. They should be wholly committed to MedWet’s vision, mission and values.


How to become a MedWet Ambassador

MedWet will invite personalities who are interested and eager to hold the banner of MedWet and wetlands high by joining the Initiative as Ambassadors. Here are the steps to apply to become an Ambassador:

  1. Provide a written personal narrative about your title or expertise.
  2. Tell us about your goals and how you are planning to fulfill the Ambassador’s mission.
  3. Characterize the added value that you consider you could bring to MedWet.
  4. Describe the fields in which you have an expertise that would allow you to undertake your role as Ambassador.
  5. Provide a high resolution photo of yourself.

This information should be as concrete as possible and to be sent to MedWet to

MedWet will select the Ambassadors through an objective, transparent process based on an overall consideration of their profiles, goals, and commitment, and of course depending on the ongoing actions of the Initiative.

Once the Ambassadors have been selected, this information will be used to create their profiles as Ambassadors on the MedWet website.