• Lead organisation: WWF MedPO
  •  Other partners: Green Home (Montenegro), Youth Center Livno (Bosnia and Herzegovina), REC (Livno (Bosnia and Herzegovina). MAVA Foundation is the main donor of the project.
  •  Brief description: DASHI intends to address the threat of unsustainable hydropower boom in the western Balkans where inadequate environmental assessment processes allow destructive projects to be implemented. It intends to mobilise the civil society around the issue basing actions on scientific basis and fostering a dialogue with all the sectors, in particular the energy one.
  • Time schedule: 2010-2012
  • Current status: Dialogue with investors and financiers interested in building or financing dams in priority areas is intense to secure that no destruction due to unsustainable dams is happening. Some very concerning dam development projects have put on hold due to lack of solid Environmental Impact Assessments. The capacity of a selected number of water managers and NGOs on sustainable hydropower is being increased. Finally sustainable hydropower guidelines have been developed for Montenegro by a multistakeholder working group including the government.                                                                                                                                                                  A Guide for Investors is now available in local Languages: the publication WWF released last year in English “Sustainable Hydropower in the Dinaric Arc – a brief guide for investors“, is now also available in Croatian, Serbian and Albanian. This guide contributes to a new approach to decision making by providing investors and developers with a detailed overview of the benefits, costs and risks to be taken into account when considering investments in dams, and in particular hydropower.
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