With the support of our network, we will continue:

  • Raising awareness and sharing knowledge on wetland values and functions, and leading actions for their conservation in the Mediterranean;
  • Undertaking research, case studies, and Provider resources to help monitor and protect wetland biodiversity;
  • Providing the best possible platforms and tools for our members, partners and the general public to easily access information and become involved with related wetland events through our websites and social networks;
  • Undertaking joint advocacy actions that can influence policy processes towards wetland conservation and ensure their long-term wise use;
  • Encouraging and supporting conservation actions at local, national and regional levels by maintaining a strong collaboration with our network of 27 country members and nearly 300 NGOs, as well as wetland centres; and
  • Implementing the Ramsar Convention in the Mediterranean region by supporting the dynamics of World Wetlands Day through communication, education, participation and awareness (CEPA) activities in Mediterranean wetlands.