The MedWet 2023 Activity Report is out

We are pleased to share the MedWet 2023 Activity Report dedicated to Mediterranean wetlands. Excellent work has been done in 2023 and remarkable results have been obtained. New paths and opportunities have also been opened up.


The report testifies to MedWet’s ongoing commitment to the preservation of wetland ecosystems.

MedWet has sustained its support to wetland managers through the MedWet Managers Network. It has also maintained its efforts to promote Nature-based Solutions, notably through its participation in the RESCOM and RESTORE4Cs projects.

MedWet also promoted and supported, as it does every year, the activities and events organised during World Wetlands Day in the Mediterranean, and has created a dynamic around the Wetland City Accreditation in the Mediterranean to raise awareness about the importance of these habitats.

Moreover, MedWet persevered in its cooperation with the Union for the Mediterranean by organizing the 3rd Online Conference on ‘Restoring Mediterranean Wetlands: Wetland-Based Solutions.’ It also continued its support for the #RestoreNature campaign by participating in advocacy actions to adopt the European Nature Restoration Law.


Download the 2023 activity report in French and English.