Urgent Plea to #RestoreNature: Civil society unites in the face of environmental crisis

In the midst of mounting global environmental challenges, the world has found itself grappling with the dual crises of escalating climate change and biodiversity loss. Europe, in particular, has been experiencing increasingly frequent and severe droughts, floods, and forest fires, vividly illustrating the urgent need to address these pressing issues. These alarming developments pose a direct threat to the very foundations of life, making it abundantly clear that the status quo is unsustainable. The scientific consensus leaves no room for doubt—swift and decisive action is imperative to confront these challenges head-on.

In response to this dire global context, a coalition of 200 civil society organizations, including MedWet among the signatories, have issued a compelling call to action in the form of the ‘#RestoreNature’ joint statement. This collective statement serves as an urgent appeal to the European Union (EU) to swiftly adopt a robust Nature Restoration Law, specifically tailored to confront the twin crises of biodiversity extinction and climate breakdown. Against the backdrop of mounting environmental challenges, the statement carries the weight of numerous signatories and calls for transformative measures on a monumental scale. It emphasized that the EU Nature Restoration Regulation represents a unique opportunity in this decade to pivot from a path of continuous deterioration to one of regeneration, leading toward a secure and resilient coexistence with nature.

The urgent imperative was clear: the time to #RestoreNature is now, and this statement represents a powerful rallying cry for change. For more details, the full statement can be accessed through this link: