Voices for wetlands’ future: help shaping the 5th Ramsar Strategic Plan

In a leap to safeguard and elevate the recognition of our wetland ecosystems, the Parties to the Convention on Wetlands have embarked on the preparation of the fifth Ramsar Strategic Plan, as per Resolution XIV.4. This pivotal framework charts the course for the future, underscoring essential principles and elements that will steer the new Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan is the key document guiding the implementation of the Convention. It sets priorities to inform the activities of Contracting Parties, the work program of the Secretariat, and the support provided by other bodies of the Convention such as the Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP) and the International Organization Partners (IOPs). The Convention is currently working under the 4th Strategic Plan which runs until 2024.

In an effort to be inclusive, transparent and accessible, the Ramsar Convention invites individuals, societies and organizations vested in wetlands to make contributions to this process. The insights of all concerned Contracting Parties, partners, and stakeholders hold immense value as the Convention strives to ensure complete and effective participation. Notably, a special invitation is extended to Indigenous Peoples, youth, women and girls, local communities, and the business sector, recognizing and valuing their distinct perspectives.

You can participate by sharing invaluable insights through a brief online survey, aimed at capturing diverse views and ideas to shape a holistic and visionary 5th Strategic Plan. This questionnaire marks the initial step in a collaborative journey, guiding meaningful consultation and engagement. Your contributions will shape the content and trajectory of the 5th Strategic Plan, paving the way for a sustainable and thriving future for our wetland ecosystems.

The survey, designed to be both concise and comprehensive, should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Kindly disseminate the survey link among individuals and organizations dedicated to the conservation and wise use of wetlands. Together, a collective impact can be achieved.

Together, with the Ramsar Convention, let’s foster a harmonious coexistence with wetlands, enriching our global heritage for generations to come. Your voice matters – seize this opportunity to contribute to a greener, more resilient tomorrow.

Mark your calendars: The survey will be open for responses until September 4, 2023.

The survey is accessible here:


For more insights into the development of the 5th Strategic Plan of the Ramsar Convention, visit https://www.ramsar.org/fifth-strategic-plan.