Working for Mediterranean wetlands: the MedWet team

Working for Mediterranean wetlands: get to know the MedWet team

Meet the passionate MedWet Secretariat team. We are dedicated to the conservation and sustainable use of Mediterranean wetlands through our expertise in policy, communications, finance and science-based actions. We bring a diverse range of experiences and knowledge to the organization, united by our shared commitment to preserving and safeguarding these precious ecosystems of the Mediterranean region.


Alessio Satta, MedWet Coordinator
Meet Alessio Satta, the driving force behind MedWet’s mission to conserve Mediterranean wetlands. With his extensive experience in climate change and sustainable development policies, Alessio leads the organization with a vision for a greener, more sustainable future. His expertise and leadership have been instrumental in shaping MedWet’s strategic direction, aiming to enhance the resilience of Mediterranean wetlands in the face of growing threats such as climate change, urbanization, and overexploitation. Under Alessio’s guidance, MedWet has been able to build strong partnerships with key stakeholders across the region, empowering communities to take action to protect their local wetlands.




Isabelle Perroud, Financial and Administrative Officer

Behind every successful organization is a skilled financial and administrative officer. Isabelle Perroud brings her expertise to MedWet, coordinating and managing the organization’s finances with her long experience in European projects and her advanced studies in Information and Communication Technologies.




Abderahim Smari, Communications Officer

Fluent in Arabic, English and French, Abderahim is the linchpin of MedWet’s communication. As the organization’s communications manager, Abderahim is responsible for managing its various websites and social media accounts, ensuring that MedWet’s message is clearly heard. He is deeply committed to using his expertise to promote the importance of Mediterranean wetlands and their crucial role in the ecosystems. Abderahim is also involved in various communication projects led by MedWet, producing communication materials and strengthening the organization’s visibility to a wider audience.




Marianne Courouble, Policy Officer

Marianne brings to the post over two decades of experience in biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. With a thorough understanding of the challenges facing the Mediterranean wetlands, she leads MedWet’s efforts to advocate for effective conservation policies that protect the unique and diverse wetlands of the region. Her expertise in international negotiations and fundraising helps to secure support for MedWet’s conservation work, making her an invaluable member of the team.




Dr. Flavio Monti, Manager of the Scientific and Technical Network

As a highly skilled biologist with a strong background in conservation biology, Flavio is an invaluable asset to MedWet. In his role as Manager of the Scientific and Technical Network, he plays a crucial role in leading research efforts to better understand Mediterranean wetlands and their conservation needs. He ¬†also contributes to various European projects undertaken by MedWet. Flavio brings a wealth of knowledge to the organization, helping to ensure that MedWet’s work remains at the forefront of science-based wetland conservation efforts.




Sana Mezoughi, Network Facilitator

Sana is an international environmental consultant with a focus on the MENA region/Mediterranean Basin. She coordinates MedWet’s Managers network, dedicated to best management practices, knowledge exchange, and public education about wetland values and services. Additionally, she is contributing to the World Wetlands Day celebrations supporting civil society organizations across the Mediterranean in organizing activities to raise awareness about the importance of wetlands.