Results of the call for projects to support World Wetlands Day activities in the Mediterranean 2023


For the 2023 edition of the celebration of World Wetlands Day (WWD), the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB) has commissioned the Mediterranean Wetlands Initiative (MedWet) to evaluate the events promoting wetlands in the Mediterranean region, in response to the launch of a call for projects. The call aims to provide a financial boost to the Mediterranean actors in the realization of awareness and educational activities within the framework of the WWD. Read more about the Call for projects here.



35 projects were nominated by a selection committee composed of the Secretariat of the Ramsar Convention, the Ramsar France Association, the Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory (MWO), Wetland Link International (WLI) and MedWet.

Nominations were made in alphabetical order of country and organization:

  • Albania, AOS
  • Albania, EDEN
  • Albania, CELIM
  • Albania, IEP
  • Albania, RAPA SHKODER
  • Albania, SEEP
  • Algeria, Green Tech
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, Center for Environment
  • Bulgaria, Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation
  • Croatia, Public Institution Nature Park Vransko Jezero
  • Croatia, Medimurje Nature
  • Spain, Centro Del Agua de Daimiel
  • Italy, IAAP
  • Italy, K Nature
  • Jordan, SMAEC
  • Lebanon, HEAD
  • Libya, Bado society for environment
  • Morocco, Association Douiret Sbaa
  • Morocco, ECOLOGIA
  • Morocco, APELABA
  • Montenegro, Public Entreprise for National Parks of Montenegro
  • Portugal, Natureza WWF Portugal
  • Portugal, GEOTA
  • Portugal, Centro de Braga
  • Portugal, PATO
  • Slovenia, Terra Anima
  • Tunisia, AREM Sousse
  • Tunisia, Association des Sciences Agronomiques Chott Mariem
  • Tunisia, Association Sauvegarde des Zones Humides du Sud Tunisien
  • Tunisia, Association des Femmes Géoscientifiques (Tu-AWG)
  • Tunisia, IRADA Tozeur
  • Tunisia, Réseau Enfant de la Terre
  • Turkey, DOGA Dernegi


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