First Ornithological Conference dedicated to the work done for the protection and conservation of avifauna in Albania

Date: 27 – 29 June 2022
Location: Tirana, Albania

The Albanian Ornithological Society and the Faculty of Natural Sciences (University of Tirana), with the support of the Adriatic Flyway – phase 4 project.

The goal of this conference is to present ornithological studies conducted over the years, to encourage future ornithological research as well as strengthen conservation measures for birds and their critical habitats in Albania.

Main topics of discussion:

  • Ornithology and ornithological contributions in Albania;
  • Bird Conservation in Albania;
  • Monitoring of bird populations in Albania;
  • Birds and Ecosystems;
  • Round-table discussions on bird conservation and monitoring issues, future challenges, etc.

Who can participate:

  • National and foreign researchers with a contribution to Albanian Ornithology.
  • Academic staff and students of environmental and biological sciences.
  • Environmental organizations and public institutions working on bird conservation and study.


More information:
Please visit the website of the conference: