Marine Protected Areas management … what’s up? (TUNE UP newsletter)

The December 2021 Newsletter of the TUNE UP project is out now, so make sure to check out the latest activities and the details you need about the project! Link to the newsletter here.


About the project:

Interreg Mediterranean TUNE UP project responds to the need for a strategic and collaborative approach to the management of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean. The project aims to improve the protection of biodiversity by experimenting and capitalizing on a multi-actor and multi-level management tool based on the experience of river and wetland contracts previously tested during the INTERREG MED WetNet project.

TUNE UP will build on the results of the WetNet project, by exploiting the flexibility and feasibility of the methodology of river and wetland contracts for the management of Marine Protected Areas, and by evaluating its effectiveness through the implementation of Marine Protected Area contracts.


More information:
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