The World Wetlands Day in France : the keys to success

For several years, France’s mobilization during World Wetlands Day (WWD) has never ceased to grow. The Ramsar France Association, which steers this important event in the country, is publishing a summary document, translated into several languages, explaining the French organization and identifying the causes for the growing success of WWD in France over the past 10 years (2010-2020).

The success of the mobilization rests above all on three key points:

  • Coordination at the national level of partner structures for World Wetlands Day;
  • An online database accessible to all facilitators, which constitutes a national activity program and the common reference for WWD;
  • A national official launch organized for elected officials, professionals and the press, which makes it possible to mobilize information relays and decision-makers around the WWD.

In the context of this exemplary action, in 2019 MedWet initiated, thanks to the funding of the French Biodiversity Agency (OFB), a dynamic WWD at the Mediterranean scale by relying on the network of the MedWet Regional Initiative with government representatives, numerous local NGOs, and Ramsar site managers.

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World Wetlands Day celebration in Croatia, 2020. Photo: ©Public Institution Nature Park Vransko jezero