Madrid Autonomous Region invests 11 million euros to conserve Spanish wetlands

Recently, the Autonomous Region of Madrid has approved a wetland conservation plan for the next 10 years, with a budget of 11 million euros.
There are currently 23 catalogued wetlands in the Madrid region. This new and ambitious Plan includes updated and excellent quality technical and cartographical information about those sites. This information will be soon incorporated into the Spanish Inventory of Wetlands. Moreover, the number of catalogued sites will be increased in the mid-term.

Wetlands are sensitive and vulnerable ecosystems. They’re rich in biodiversity, playing a central role in the water cycle and in regulating local climatic conditions; and they have considerable cultural and landscape value too.
These wetlands need attention, and this investment focus on their conservation and restoration is very welcome”, commented WWF-Spain.


Laguna de San Juan (Chinchón), in Madrid. Photo: © Jesús Ángel Cuevas, Comunidad de Madrid


The Madrid plan aims to increase understanding of the environmental value of wetlands, and improve connections between watercourses. The plan also focuses on monitoring water quality and detecting and controlling invasive species. An awareness campaign will increase knowledge of and appreciation for wetlands among the local population, and rules for public wetland use will also be established.

The diversity and richness of wetlands in the Madrid region are very high. There is a need to inventory and monitor their conservation status as the first stage to ensure their protection and conservation”, WWF-Spain added.

According to the new approved Plan, the Madrid Region has already started studying some 400 natural and artificial wetlands to learn more about their natural values and to connect them effectively with urban settlements. One of the main aims of this study is obtaining information that will be useful for the increasing of the number of catalogued sites in the Madrid region and, consequently, in the Spanish Inventory of Wetlands

This conservation plan represents a step forward, in the long term, to reinforce the sustainable use of wetlands and their resources, for the benefit of people and nature. MedWet fully supports this initiative which has the promise of a brighter future for wetlands in the Madrid region“, said Alessio Satta, MedWet Coordinator.


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