The MedWet Initiative welcomes its new Coordinator

The MedWet Initiative is pleased to announce that Alessio Satta has been oppointed the new MedWet Coordinator. The arrival of Alessio represents a great step for MedWet towards reinforcing its mission to the effective conservation of the functions and values of Mediterranean wetlands.


Alessio holds a European Ph.D. on ‘’Climate Change Science and Management’’ from the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. He brings to MedWet a wealth of experience of more than 15 years on issues related to climate change and sustainable development policies and governance, with more than ten years working on international development assistance to the Mediterranean countries.

Alessio has a global and regional understanding of environmental and development issues in the Mediterranean, having been involved in international negotiations and dialogue on climate change and developing analyses and reports to support decision-making on specific themes.



In this past year, Alessio coordinated the MedWet Secretariat to achieve results such as: a) the successful presence of MedWet at the 13th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (COP13 ) in Dubai (United Arab Emirates); b) first-hand knowledge of the MedWet focal points gained in the meetings of Malaga and Dubai; and c) the development of the Network of Mediterranean Wetland Managers.

In the next three years, Alessio will focus his activities on the following priorities:

  1. Encouraging countries and other members to become active protagonists in the life of MedWet. The highest priority of the MedWet Secretariat is to strengthen regular and direct links with MedWet members, especially with contracting parties. The periodic newsletter is an important step to inform the member about the progress made, but further action is needed (e.g., creating and facilitating a virtual chat with all the members).
  2. Enhancing MedWet visibility. Not just communicating what other players are doing but focusing on how MedWet and its partners are directly contributing to wetland conservation and wise use. In other words, enhancing a pro-active role for MedWet in the region.
  3. MedWet, the Hub of Mediterranean wetlands. At some point, all projects or actions targeting the conservation of wetlands in the Mediterranean should refer directly or indirectly to MedWet. This action is closely bound up with enhancing the visibility of MedWet.
  4. The Network of Mediterranean Ramsar Sites Managers. The Network will provide concrete motivation for individuals and/or institutions involved in managing the Ramsar Sites. It offers a great opportunity for MedWet to increase its negotiating stature and to apply pressure on other institutions and donors. The Network’s online platform will be launched soon.
  5. MedWet as a toolkit of viable solutions. The Initiative must reinforce its ability to provide alternative solutions for governments and other Mediterranean institutions to finance wetland conservation and put it at the top of their political agendas. This priority action is strongly linked to the Wetland Managers Network.

Congratulations for continuing to be part of the MedWet family, now in a more challenging position. We look forward to working with you, being convinced that you can use your skills and talents to help MedWet in reaching new heights. Good luck Alessio!



Alessio Satta, Secretary of MedWet